Isadora is my NYC surrogate grandmother. She’s also my friend Traven’s actual grandmother but she’s always treated me with such warmth and honesty that often times I feel like we’re related. She’s bold, fashionable, and (like a true Crow) knows every good restaurant in Manhattan. After helping Isadora paint a wall in her 34th St. housewares showroom, we were treated to a lovely French meal at the restaurant Matisse, located in Midtown East.  Usually I would gush about each and every dish we ordered but to save myself some time, you could just as easily look at their menu online and assume that everything is fantastic…because it is.

The waiter was attentive but not in the least bit overbearing. Our glasses were never empty (water/wine) and the dishes were brought out gradually to allow for more dinner conversation. This was by far the best meal I’ve had since moving here (probably the best all year).  One of my favorite dishes was the tarte tatin of caramelized onion and goat cheese. Absolutely out of this world! A roasted red onion on a flaky tart, topped with a dollop or two of goat cheese-how could that not be delicious?

The mood lighting was spot on so I was only able to snap a picture of a cocktail or two. Check out this little number…

lychee martini

lychee martini

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Maureen (Mo) Sullivan is one of the three crows holding down the Jamaica Plain Nest. Originally from New Jersey, she is the first person to introduce the words “yuengling” and “taylor ham” into my vocabulary. Although she still enjoys these nostalgic tastes, her culinary palette goes far beyond these items. Mo is always ready to take on the challenge of a new dish, but is equally happy reinventing the classics. When it comes to beverages, Three Philosophers, Stone, La Chouffe or any other finely crafted brew will stop this crow mid flight. Her Kitchen philosophy is simple: no meal should be created without the accompaniment of great tunes and that the best dinner parties should end with dancing.

Living in a house filled with wonderful yet hungry roommates Mo has become a master at feeding the masses with home cooked meals. Some notable dishes include Vegetarian Chili, Vodka Sauce w/ Linguine, Baked Mac and Cheese, and who can forget all of the Pizza Plans! Mo also happens to be a member of the Crow Bake team, alongside Emily and Riane and has perfected the art of making cheesecakes. She never lets a friend’s birthday pass without whipping up a tasty treat; in return we jokingly refer to her as “Mama” Mo. It is her strong ties to family and friends as well as her inclusive nature that helps to keep us crows such a tight knit group.

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