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I have made quite a few trips to Newport RI but have somehow managed to skip over one of the best dining options this tourist town has to offer: Flo’s Clam Shack.  At first glimpse this place screams tourist trap but my Newport native tour guide informed me that this was the place to go for delicious seafood.  It wasn’t hard deciding what to order, there were some “must haves” for us Flo’s virgins that included the stuffies (stuffed quahogs) and the clam cakes (what us mainers call clam fritters).  To satisfy the rest of our fried food cravings we went with the seafood platter and washed it all down with some cold cans of coke.

Back Off Seagulls!

Back Off Seagulls!

Beer was an option here but be didn’t spring for it because prior to our Flo’s trip we had an IPA tasting at Newport’s Pour Judgement.  We each got a different IPA and tried each others, all got our seal of approval.

  • American IPA- Cisco Brewers, MA
  • Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA- Clipper City Brewery, MD
  • Flower Power IPA- Ithaca Beer Company, NY

Overall I felt that the prices at Flo’s were very reasonable, obviously you are going to be dishing out some cash for fried seafood but if anyone has ever shucked a steamer clam they would realize how time consuming it is.  Our pile of fried heaven cost us about $35.  If you wanted to go the cheaper route then I would suggest a stuffie ($2.50) and a dozen clam cakes ($6.50).

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