Contributions to the Crow Table

It was a little nerve racking showcasing our food creations to the public but that is the best way to validate your efforts.  This past weekend Mo, Vanessa and I all received positive feedback from the tasty morsels we presented on the Crow Table.  I borrowed alot of recipes for this event which I will give credit for below.  The focus was on dips and easy finger food that didn’t require plates/utensils and overall garbage which I believe we achieved.  Here’s my Spread:

White Bean Dip w/ Pita Chips
Created by Giada DeLaurentis,
Introduced to the Crows by Riane Welch

Sun Dried Tomato Spread w/ Ricotta Cheese
Courtesy of Riane’s Mom Cheryl, first tasted by the Crows on a party boat on Lake Mission Viejo

1 C sun dried tomatoes in oil, 2 garlic cloves-minced, 1Tb capers, 2Tb Italian seasoning or fresh chopped herbs, 1tsp salt, 5Tb Olive oil, 2Tb red wine vinegar

Combine all ingredients in food processor until smooth- check for seasonings

Serving: Spread Ricotta Cheese then Sun Dried Tomato mixture onto cracker and enjoy!

Prosciutto Wrapped Pears and Arugula

IMGP0742Created by Rachel Ray (i know what you’re thinking but don’t judge until you try them!)
The only change I made to this recipe was by adding honey to the vinaigrette that I dressed the pears and arugula with.

My final contribution was created by myself, but trust me it’s incredibly simple: Crudites platter with Fresh Herb Veggie Dip
Fresh Herb Veggie Dip

Combine 3 parts greek yogurt, 1 part sour cream.  Add a splash of lemon juice, one grated garlic clove and a ton of freshly chopped herbs (I used chives, oregano, thyme, basil and parsley).  To thin the dip out and add texture and color I grated a half a zucchini into the mixture- seasoned with salt and pepper and its ready to go!

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The Story of Holly

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Holly first introduced me to the concept of "caw-ing" almost 3 years ago. My life has never been the same. By day this crow works the office life but by night you will certainly find Holly (Party Pants) Stevens in her Jamaica Plain kitchen cooking and dancing the night away in true crow fashion. Proudly hailing from Maine's Old Orchard Beach, this wild one has figured out how to combine her love for New England- its history, its food, & its boozy dance parties- with her love of classic elegance. Holly's food is fresh, locally produced, healthy, and full of flavor. A self-described salt hound, no taste bud goes untouched by a meal at Holly's nest. By combining simple salads with rich pastas, fish, and soups, no visitor will leave unsatisfied. Moreover, no hangover goes uncured when morning walks with Holly are kicked off with a hidden stash of irish coffee, and finished off by a nice warm plate of oven potatoes and frittata.

Glancing around her kitchen you will find a few staple items including a mini whisk (for perfect salad dressing), the classiest compost bucket I've ever seen, a kick-ass vegetable hutch, and most importantly a tasty beverage ready to meet your hand. Her home is cozy and warm, and her hospitality is outmatched by no one. On the bookshelves you will find recipes given to her by friends, and books like Omnivore's Dilemma and Salt: A World History, the later being one of the best book suggestion I've ever received, and the subject of her college thesis. Never missing the chance to make a dinner party a dance party, Holly is in constant motion, ready to motivate the group with classy tunes like Credence, Al Green, and GirlTalk. Unless, of course, Top Chef is on.

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