I’ll take my summer with a side of political turmoil

This was an interesting weekend that lacked the normalcy of weekends past. Sunny weather, goodbye parties, and a sighting of someone who looks like me reading the book I’m reading (In Defense of Food) on BART.

….and I feel asleep last night to a room of 3 boys trying to explain why they can’t just get their hands to go through the table : /

Thanks Whiskey. More thanks to the Monks Kettle.

I don’t know how I have let this place slip my sight until last night- I’m guessing it is because the average beer price is somewhere above $10. I suggest checking out the beer menu now so that when you(I’m looking at you crows and family members) come out to SF you know what you’ll order before walking in the door!

Also of note- I saw several patrons ordering very large pretzels served with country mustard as their bar snack! I will defiantly check that out next time I go.

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On the food front I just made the delicious summer squash gratin c/o the New York Times, and, Wow. Wow. Wow, it was so delicious (gracias crow Vanessa). I used fontina and Parmesan, and ate it with a fresh salad and some yummy chopped peach.

Now I am off to try and make myself some smashing aprons! The fabric store by my house has incredible sales on dress fabrics…Polka dots and flowers anyone?

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Miz Emily, crow extraordinaire, hails originally from Connecticut and moved to Boston for college in 2004. She and Vbar met their first semester freshman year at Northeastern University and bonded immediately over their love of fresh food, the middle east and the likelihood that they will never get decently paying jobs. In the proceeding years, Emily lived first in the Mission Hill area of Boston before moving out to Jamaica Plain to roost. In the summer of 2008 Emily migrated west to San Francisco she still lives with her man Billy. Emily loves global travel and has spent time backpacking around Europe as well as in Turkey and Brazil.

Emily’s cooking style can be described as clean, natural and adventurous. Never one to back down from a challenge, can-not-do is not a phrase in her pantry. A master of substitutions, she rarely follows a recipe exactly, often with deliciously innovative results.  Always one to be inspired by her surroundings, she enjoys shopping for new and inexpensive ingredients in farmers markets and ethnocentric neighborhoods, in particular Chinatown. Emily’s meals are strongly tied to the seasons particularly since she is lucky enough to have access to fresh California produce. Emily’s strong caw and yummy mowables make her a truly upstanding west-coast representative for the Crows.

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