The Lady Crows fly down Huntington

Sunday, in celebration of this blogger’s birthday, a few of the Lady Crows flew away from the nest and perched for the afternoon at the end of the Savant Project’s bar. Nestled next to Flann’s and across from The Mission, the Savant project is frequently overlooked in favor of saucier locations. Fortunately, after the exciting culinary adventure we were brought on during the few hours we spent at the Savant Project it is unlikely that the lady crows will ever ignore this gem again.

Led by Captain (bartender) Daniel, we began our tasting journey with a round of champagne cocktails (after all; it was mid afternoon). Holly and I opted for the “Chuci Coo”; champagne served with mango juice and green tea. The drink was refreshing, but Miss Mo’s choice was the clear winner; the “Old Wise,” a ultra refreshing combination of champagne, lychee and fresh mulled mint. Bonus points for serving champagne cocktails with their own individually portioned small bottle; nothing is worse than a flat mimosa after the bottle has been opened for the entire brunch shift!

For apps (half price every afternoon!) we indulged in tuna sashimi, three cheese and pickled jalapeno empanadas and tempura veggies with mustard peanut sauce. The tuna was fresh but the salad and lime-wasabi vinaigrette fell a bit below expectations with the wasabi being represented only by the peas that topped the salad and the dressing’s flavors disappearing almost entirely in the greens and not adding anything to the fish portions. The tempura veggies were done perfectly with juicy on the inside, crisp on the outside, bite-sized chunks of zucchini and a good portion of a fresh and complimentary sauce. Only complaint is that I feel there could have been more variety in the veggies offered. The empanadas were flawless though- light and savory with an excellent fresh salsa on the side.

The Savant Project scores major points for being exceptionally creative with their limiting cordial license. They infuse their liquors themselves right behind the bar and we were lucky enough to get a sampling from Daniel while we snacked. We tried their lychee infused vodka, the pear-infused dark rum and the peach-infused bourbon as well as their house red and white sangrias. All were delicious (although the rum and the bourbon made this crow breath fire). I particularly enjoyed the white sangria, which was crisp, fruity and light; perfect for summer sipping. We probably would have ordered the sangria for round two had there not been a chilled bottle of sparkling white already propped on the counter in front of us. Daniel tried to tempt us with whole lychees, pulled straight out of the vodka jar, but even the most hardened of us crows found them impossible to swallow.

All in all, the Savant Project left us with no reason to Caw. The service was top-notch (thanks Daniel!) or bar companions friendly, the food inexpensive and satisfying, and the drinks creative and free-flowing. The crows will definitely be seen roosting on this bar in the future.

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Vanessa (VBar) Barton is a crow near and dear to my heart, although we often find her soaring the globe. Vanessa’s true passion is traveling; her most recent adventure brought her to India where she had been yearning to go for years. She will undoubtedly picks up a few tricks on her Indian adventure and always incorporates her cultural findings into her own culinary repertoire. I can’t help but draw the conclusion that this 'spice monster' developed her palette from her exotic adventures, I (and I know her boyfriend Mark has my back on this one) have definitely had to bring this heat crazed crow down a notch, after nearly catching my mouth on fire. But I have to say, I’ve gotten her back with another flavour; being a huge fan of mushrooms, I have forced VBar, on more than one occasion, to get past her inhibitions and eat whatever mushroom laden dish myself and the other crows have created. Well hats off to you Vanessa, who can now confidently say ‘I don’t mind mushrooms’ from her initial, ‘I hate mushrooms.’ On that same note, she’s the only vegetarian of the group but is slowly warming up to meats, given her sister crows’ influences. Proud’a you.

Her second passion is cooking which emanates with her Italian heritage. Her Sicilian roots are evident in her flair in the kitchen, often cooking up Italian classics including, but definitely not limited to: Homemade marinara, not to mention PASTA like her Sicilian Grandma used to make (which has been borrowed on more than one occasion), pumpkin risotto, tiramisu and even homemade limoncello! She’s a crafty crow, jarring her own sauces, tackling homemade booze and even growing her own kitchen herb garden. Always ready with open arms and a delicious cocktail, VBar is the Italian flair in our flock.

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